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So the other day I got a code  P 0021, Camshaft position sensor Bank 2 over advanced... what does that usually mean? I know these 4.4's are a tad noisey. Am I getting detonation? I'm also using puke 87 since gas has shot up to like 3.40/gallon for 93. Should I go back to 93? 99 540i Sport 6 speed 207,000 miles. FWIW all the chains/guides...usual stuff were done at about 190k. Car runs and drives fine. I did just change the oil, but that shouldn't matter. thumbnail_WP_20180127_12_09_51_Pro.jpg.3820d48703d19048f2ddd59e0fae4e18.jpg
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47 minutes ago, mender said:

Most likely a vanos actuator that was a little slow to react. Do you have the freeze frame data? Did you change oil type or brand?

Not sure what the previous owner was running. He did mention a 40 weight, which I thought was a tad high. I used Mobil one 5w30. No freeze frame with this reader. I don't think. I cleared the code and it hasn't come back (2 days appox 60 miles) 

41 minutes ago, Gearhead_42 said:

Ditto the oil weight Q...  Run some motor honey or similar through it at next change, use a recommended weight synthetic, might clear things up.

I thought these things didn'y like "motor honey" too much? Or do you mean a "cleaner"

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37 minutes ago, Gearhead_42 said:

Cleaner, not additive... Sorry. I know BMW loves to say "no additives" but I personally feels that's baloney.


The Gunk Synthetic oil system cleaner is awesome stuff, I've also had great results in my bimmers with LiquiMoly brand.

Ok my buddy is a Petra distributor I'll see what he has. 

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