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Rules about glass & windows

Rat Patrol

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You did not see where it clearly states that glass is permitted because it is in fact, not permitted, with a few exceptions.

 You may race your very first race with side and rear glass in place IF it is covered in 3M.  Then you must take it out if you want to ever race Champ again.

 You may leave rear glass in if it is sufficiently covered in 3M.
Rear is not side.
Side is when viewing the car from the side. Rear is when viewing the car from the back.

All window and/or sunroof glass (except front OE Safety- Glass windshields) must be removed from all competition vehicles participating in ANY ChampCar event prior to the car being allowed on the race track. This INCLUDES all EC cars.

9.1.2. For cars and/or teams NEW to ChampCar ( rst event), cars MAY retain original window and/or sunroof glass provided: ALL glass is properly and thoroughly taped. A ONE-TIME provision shall be noted in the vehicle log

book. This is a single event waiver.
9.1.3. Tinted lm is NOT considered legal or adequate

protective tape.
9.1.4. Rear glass may remain in the car provided it is covered

by a glass safety lm like 3MTM Automotive Window Film ScotchshieldTM Security Series.


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2 hours ago, Rat Patrol said:

Read the section on windows and using lexan etc. etc. Did not see where the rules state clearly that OEM rear and side (rear quarter - not door) windows are permitted? Please clarify. Starting prep on a car for 2019. Thank you. Harry

Yes, you can run a Lexan/polycarbonate rear and rear quarter windows for zero points. 

9.3.2. ONLY clear, transparent polycarbonate or Plexiglas is allowed in place of any rear side or hatch window opening without additional value-add, provided: A factory-installed (OE) window was standard equipment for the year, make and model of car presented to Tech. The window opening is located behind the driver’s seat or B-pillar (whichever is appropriate). All material must maintain a uniform thickness of at least 1/8”. All windows must be attached by screw, rivet or bolt on a maximum 10” centerline around the perimeter of the window covering. The shape and location of the window covering must be exactly the same size, shape, and location of the OE window

Also note the language in other provision that requires aluminum straps on the outside of the rear window/hatch if you replace the glass with Lexan/polycarbonate. 


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