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E30 "New" 885 Cylinder Head

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Calling all E30 M20 B25 runners...


I have an "885" Cylinder Head...It's an '89 cast and machined part - as new off the shelf. Valve seats are there (covered in original factory grease)...but no valves, camshaft etc have ever been sub-assembled into to it.


I also have a used M20 B25 Intake...Plenum, Injectors, Fuel Pressure Reg are there (the whole thing is filthy)....and a used fan, cowl and fan clutch.


Thought I'd try here first before posting on ebay...would much prefer they get put on a Champ E30.


Tough to price the Head since I can only find used or used-refurbs and this is netiher. PM me if interested - we'll figure it out.

E30 Cyl Head.JPG

E30 Inlet Manifold.JPG

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On 11/3/2020 at 7:07 PM, Tom said:

Hi, Is this still available?

Hi Tom,


I'd forgotten about this ad and to be honest that I even had this stuff laying around. I got given the run around by a couple of timewasters a few years ago so parked the sale mentally.


Let me know if you're interested. I can dig the parts out if you want them.

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