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ChampCar Sim Series Announcement - No Round This Week


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Hi All,


I wanted to post here and confirm that, due to the scheduled iRacing outage, there will be no championship round this week (11/1) despite that which was previously scheduled.


We've been monitoring the planned maintenance and, after it was delayed from Wednesday, it now is confirmed that no official or hosted sessions will be possible for Thursday evening. Please see link here for details:




This means that the schedule for the remaining rounds will be altered slightly to the following:


11/8 Auto Club Roval (Championship Round)

11/15 Barber (Practice Round)

11/23 Barber (Championship Round)

11/29 Laguna Seca (Practice Round)

12/6 Laguna Seca (Championship Round)

12/13 Sebring (Practice Round)

12/20 Sebring (Championship Round)


I hope that we can attract at least modest fields to the remaining championship rounds - we have taken onboard feedback from members this year and will be making tweaks to the Sim Series format in the hope of attracting bigger and stronger fields in 2019.





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  • Technical Advisory Committee

I think one way that could help get more drivers for remaining races is vastly improved communication from the organizers.  Get race setup at least a week in advance instead of the day before, use the forums here, iRacing messaging, discord, facebook etc to get some details out a number of days in advance.   Encourage a practice time on other days (if/when one of the MX5 races coincides with the track we are running next).  Get stuff out there to remind/encourage people to race instead of the perceived last minute toss it together and hope people show up thing.  



As example, the couple of other leagues I'm running now have their entire season already set in the League Sessions.  Get at minimum weekly discord/iRacing communication on previous/next event.


my 2 cents.




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