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Dry Break Fuel Vent Product


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Anyone have a recommendation on a smallish (1" plus of minus a but) dry break for a fuel vent line?  Would like to plug in a hose to open the vent and overflow goes into a container on the ground instead of spilling on the ground.  Would also put a clear hose on it so we can tell when the car is fuel easier.  Thanks for any recommendations of products.  Cheaper is always better but if we need to spend a few bucks on it willing to do that as well.

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I use a simple ball valve on the main tank vent. It's accessible through the trunk: open for fueling, close for racing. Overflow goes straight down into the catch pan. A second, smaller vent that originally went to the charcoal canister is open all the time for tank venting while on track. It's ran up to the main hoop, looped, and back down low.

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Air fittings or hydraulic fittings would be fine...But make sure your tank is not completely sealed as alluded to by @ross2004.


For my car, we are locating a vent tank at the top of the trunk with the rollover valve in the bottom of the vent tank and a vent open to atmosphere with an air filter at the top.  Overflow is controlled by mounting the filler in a pan with a 5/8 hose barb drain and drain hose routed through the floor of the trunk.  Just set the drain pan under the center of the car, fill it up, and any spillage should drain directly into the pan.  So far we've had good luck with this on the E30.  If you do this, polar bears would appreciate you draining your fuel tank between events.

Note that we had a quick disconnect at one time and it was annoying and then I crashed the car and broke it off.  I let the team owner know of the service that I performed for him and the team, but he still made me buy a new wheel.

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On 11/9/2018 at 11:52 AM, dvot said:

I'm looking at the -10an Jiffy-Tite Fittings from speedway motors currently

We use this and it works great!

Drilled a hole in the trunk lid.

Installed the male end.

Female end is a barbed 90, put hose on it and ran it to jug on ground.

Fuel person can see when tank is fuel based on when it starts running out of the vent.

Takes all of 2 seconds to clip/unclip it.

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