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New team "Fee budget"

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25 minutes ago, grimes34 said:

Aside from the entry fee, A four-driver team should budget how much for license, membership, Tech inspection and whatever other fees I didn't think of ...



$50 / year for membership per person. 

No license fee (the membership is your license). $5 for a tech booklet (one time cost). Family / friends will have to pay at the gate to cheer you on... $10 - $20 each for a weekend.

If you rent a lap transponder from the series it is $50 for a weekend event.


I will edit this post and add more things if I think of any.


Welcome to the club!

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  • Technical Advisory Committee

  Hey grimes  WELCOME  once you join the club $50 for a full year ,you get into any or all events at no cost with your membership . As mentioned above your cars logbook is $5 and good for a lot of races and if you rent a transponder a fee is charged . You will have to purchase 3 number panels for your car they are $15 each and required , sponsor decals and window banner are free . Drivers are included in your entry payment and we offer an early pay discount at most events . 

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Thanks for the response folks,  I think our last event with Chumpcar was Lime Rock 2014  and our first was14 hours of Rockingham 2010. as "Team Paisley". We have been racing with AER since then as "TeamFootShoot".Just Thinking about 2019 possibilities 









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As mentioned above... car numbers 40-80$ for the set of three...  One time purchase.


As for the weekend, most tracks have optional fees for camping, electrical hookups, and or garages at the track; these will be track dependent.  


Sometimes a couple hundred for the "practice day" the day before an event.

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