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Avoid dirt into oil gallery at machine shop


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27 minutes ago, turbogrill said:



I am having my block bored. I am concerned that when they bore the cylinders out that dirt might find it self into the oil galleries where the main bearings sits.


Any tricks for protecting that? 


Engine is a straight six L28.




Taping them off at the bottom won't solve your problem, since one of the galleries runs up to the deck surface to feed the head (cam, rockers, etc.)

You could tape the one on the deck surface while boring, but during decking ops, shavings will get into that gallery.

You could try to put some type of (rubber) plug in from the top, but it might be tough to removed later.


25 minutes ago, Team Infiniti said:

Never thought of prevention, a good cleaning after is all I have ever done.


Best bet is Ed's advice above.

Harbor Freight carries those long skinny engine cleaning brushes now too. They're designed specifically for running through the oil galleries. Make sure you remove ALL of the pipe plugs at each location there is for each of the galleries, and run solvent and the brushes through them all, then blow out with compressed air.

We just did my 4 cylinder engine, and it was small enough to fit in my parts washer to thoroughly rinse it.

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