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INDY Dbbl 10 Shark Car Infiniti

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Shark car needs a driver for the Dec Sebring  and Indy race, what you get:


The better part of 4 hours in a sorted fast D class car that commonly pulls class win and historically a chance to wind up on the podium, the last time we sold a seat was this race last year 2nd overall 1st in D



You will be pitting/fueling

Chump/Champ experience with references

Preference/tons of time in a RWD car.

Willingness to drive a automatic.

NASCAR radio


This car is big, hungry, heavy, fast, and known to do well at Sebring,do not fear, she is easy to drive, think of this race as our interview for a seat in this car @ INDY


You bend you mend.


Message me here then txt






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Guys - this is a good car run by a great guy.  And you can turn this into an opportunity to drive at Indy.     Jump on it!


disclosures:  I haven’t driven this car, but I have raced against it numerous times and have been impressed by it. Ed has helped get our car back on the track when we were ready to throw in the towel.  (Not the team I’m with now).  He is very creative and persistent - good traits in endurance racing. 

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Bump,  One seat left


 4 hrs of seat time available


RWD D class, no points

You bend, You mend

Previous on track interaction with the shark Infiniti (preferred but not absolute)



Sebring December results were 5th & 4th on crap tires.


Please PM






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Bump, I can vouch for car. Raced against it for years, test drove yesterday to get a little seat time before Indy. Mild mannered and easy to drive, auto takes a little bit to get used to as far as feeling like you are being efficient with shift points, found easiest just to not over think it. The auto did made it really nice to just hop into a new-to-you car and focus on braking points, apex, etc.


If you are a RWD guy you will like it. 

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Thanks for the bump, it was my pleasure having you and leadsled bomb around yesterday.



Long stints

Typically hunting for a top 5

Multiple class D winner

Will have new pads/tires

Running strong with a fresh engine/trans (2 race weekends old)

We only rent one seat a year, this year a second, rare opportunity is available and its @ Indy!





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