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My Baby is For Sale..

Due to building a new car for 2019, I have decided to sell the original ZMW. 

The car is a rust free ( yes rust free )

1978 Datsun 280z. I started the car from scratch and bare tub. Designed it around a RHD platform idea. ( It can not be made LHD )


The car has a full 1.75" x .095 Cage with 4 Nascar style door bars on both sides with 1/8" intrusion plates. Thru bars tying into the strut towers and rear strut towers. 

This is one VERY safe and very stiff Race Chassis. 

The Drivetrain is a BMW M52B28 single Vanos and 5 speed from a 1997 328i. 

It has been modified with an M50 intake and VAC Cams and TRM Tune on stock Computer.

The last Dyno tune on this stock motor showed 238 rwhp. ( this was a safe tune with 7000 limiter)

The car currently has a 4.11 rear gear for tracks like Road Atlanta, Barber, Robling and AMP.


The Brakes are as follows.

Front calipers - 4 piston RX7 Aluminum 

Rear Calipers - 2 piston 280z front

Front Rotors - Sentra SE-R redrilled 

Rear Rotors - 300Z rears

Hawk DCT60 front pads

Hawk blue rear pads.

Car will make all 24 on a set of pads. Very easy on brakes during to weight.

Tilton Pedal assembly with Tilton dual masters and Dial pedal brake bias with dial fluid bias also for fine tuning. Remote reservoirs for ease of filing and brake bias gauges on dash.

All new brake lines and braided lines.



280z front and rear struts converted to coilovers.

2.25 coil over springs.

Toyota MR2 front inserts

240z rear inserts

All poly bushings

1997 Subaru Legacy Canadian steering rack with Toyota celica outer tie Rods. 

Aftermarket front and rear seat bars with preload adjustment 

Homemade front and rear camber plates. 


Fuel system..


22 gallon custom cell built on sliding system to change cars weight bias.

19 gallon fuel limit. 

( car used 14 gal every 1:55 @ Road Atlanta, 13 gal @ Daytona, and 15 gal @ VIR )

1 liter surge tank 

Holley Hydro mat in cell

Bosch 044 fuel pump from surge to motor

Rebuldable Aeromotive Fuel pump to feed the surge from cell.


Car is wired with helmet fresh air , cool suit system, usb for electronic charging.

Braille 15lb battery on firewall.

Lots of extras all over 


Full containment seat on sliders with 6 point harnesses.. 

Dual fire bottle system ( one on pull for driver and motor, one on heat break for fuel cell )


Car has 16x7 wheels with 225/50/16 tires. 

I like Nexan 50 series for that loose feeling in the chassis, team mates like the 40 series RS4'S for that stiff predictable feeling. 


This car has ran the following races

Daytona 2017 ( finished. Had to repair brakes )

VIR 24 2017 ( Ran all 24 hours. Had to replace a suspension bolt at midnight ) 

Amp 2017 ( started last 1st stint in rain. Drove up to 2nd in 1 stint. Blew head gasket on Sunday)

Barber 2017 ( started in the 30s. Running 6th 1 hour in before being hit and taken out. No parts to repair for Sunday )

Road Atlanta 2018 ( transmission seal leak after running in the top 10 and with the leaders )

Daytona 2018 ( fuel cap came off and car ran out of fuel. Still able to finish till wreck with 4 laps to go )


Car was repaired better than originally built after wreck. Removed another 86lbs of weight on rebuild. 


The car has not been scaled since repair. 

Prior to the car weighed 2278 without driver with a 47 front / 53 rear balance when full of fuel. 


The car is very fast. Actually very reliable. I've just had a run of bad luck at a lot of races. 

It has reached 161mph at Daytona, just ran a 1.40.5 @ Road Atlanta testing it after the repair 

( that's faster than any Champ Car @ Road A this year )

It's a very fun car to drive and draws alot of attention. Parts are easy to find and very budget friendly. 

With a proper team and Drivers this is a constant top 10 car. 


I've tried to give you all the info I can to cut down on endless emails and messages. 

Feel free to call me @

404 374 5498



I have well over $15,000 invested in this car. Taking a loss selling it for $9500 Race Ready.. 

( dont we all lose money ? )


Car is based out of Gainesville Georgia. 

Delivery available. 


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