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Texas races - only H2R this year?


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1 hour ago, turbogrill said:



I noticed that a H2R was added to the schedule, but it seems like the Eagles Canyon has been cancelled?


Eagles Canyon canceled our date because they were getting repaved.  They didn't want our monster cars tearing up their fresh pavement, but apparently Mustangs and other high HP cars are ok.  The good news is I'm not bitter.  


The replace that spring date, last I heard we were adding a second Harris Hill to the schedule.  Stay tuned.

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So currently on the schedule for Texas is Harris Hill in March, and Harris Hill in September.  Racing is better than no racing, but that’s pretty quiet considering past years.  Anything else is a two day haul minimum. 


What are the odds of getting MSR Houston in there somewhere, or ECR rescheduled later in the year?  I guess COTA is out of the question?  NOLA maybe?  Inquiring minds want to know, and I’d like my mind at ease having just finished building a new car to the CC rule set, living in south Texas, and seeing a super weak 2019 schedule so far.  I hope things are in the works...








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Texas races... coming from an Austinite...


TWS - gone, but not forgottten. No more racing there.  Shame.

MSR Cresson - Champ says there is no where to do pit stops. But that doesn’t stop us from racing at Harris Hill.

Eagles Canyon - they are repacking. That will be great when completed.


That leaves...

MSR Houston - Champ raced there in July of last year. It was hot. Well, duh, it’s Texas in Summer. But should stop the racing.

Harris Hill - I love that Harris keeps inviting us back!! And 2 more in 2019.  Thank you, Harris Hill.

TMS - I did a Corvette Experience there once on the 1.1mile in-field. Any way to configure it be at least 2 miles? Cost may be prohibitive.

COTA - Cost to race there is also prohibitive. But what would entry be if we had 50 Champ entries? $2500? More?


MSR Cresson and Eagles Canyon are our best bet for more racing in Texas.

Eagles Canyon is in middle of repaying - solid excuse.

MSR Cresson - why can’t we race there? Do they not want our money?

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