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Alpine Stars Gloves issue

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I bought a pair of Alpine Star gloves as a back up pair to the gloves I was currently driving with.  I like to try to have a back up pair of gloves, shoes, and other supplemental equipment in case something goes while at the track.  The gloves I had been using lasted quite a while but finally gave up at a race in early September at Thompson Speedway.  They started coming apart during practice on Friday.  Good thing I had another pair.  I swapped gloves for the race on Saturday.  These were brand new gloves, in a never opened package.  After my first two hour stint I noticed that the new gloves had come apart at the seam.  The stitching had given up along a three inch piece on the inside thumb of the right hand.  So, the following Monday I figured I would start the process of getting a new pair from Alpine stars since this pair was clearly defective.  I emailed them and after a few days they emailed back that they needed a picture of the gloves and a copy of the invoice.  I sent them both and was notified that there was nothing they could do as their warranty is only good for one year.  Granted I had bought the gloves more than a year prior but they had only been worn once and for two hours.  I offered to send them the gloves so they could see that they were brand new with no wear. They said send the gloves and they would make an offer.  The pair that I had bought was $140.  Their offer was to sell me another pair at $130.  Not much of an offer.  When I then asked to have my gloves returned they refused saying that the gloves were damaged and could not be returned.  So, I’m out the $140 for a pair of gloves that lasted just two hours and don’t even have that pair anymore. 

Pretty lousy policy and pretty lousy customer service.  Jut posting this as information for others who may be thinking about making an Alpine Stars purchase. 

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Not sure this is the correct section for this, but your experience with Alpine Star gloves is exactly the same as mine (right down to separating at the seams along the right thumb). In my case, Wine Country Motorsports replaced mine. When they came apart a second time in the exact same way as the first set did, I realized the quality was just poor. 

I've been using a set of OMP's now for (at least?) the last two years and not a single complaint. I race with the OMP's, go over the wall during pits and fueling and even throw them in the washer after every 2-3 track weekends and they are still going strong. 

My suggestion is to not give any more of your money to Alpine Star. 


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Yep, same with my Alpinestars.  Mine started to come apart at the bottom seam after just one race.  I attempted to get Discoveryparts to help with it, but after some back and forth with them, I think they either forgot about it or couldn't do anything about it.  Im still using them for now, but I will never buy another Alpinestars anything again.  

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Very similar experience here as the OP. Bought a pair of the top model Alpinestars (1-ZX?) gloves as a spare. Waited a year until the Sparco gloves I had been using for several seasons were worn out. Used the A-Stars gloves for a two test sessions and they started to separate at the seams. Contacted Alpinestars customer service and got told there was nothing they would/could do. Gloves were practically brand new. 

Thanks for sharing your experience with the OMP gloves. I will have to check them out.

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