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Moving front sub-frame forward


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You guys went nuts when I asked about moving the engine back. How about if I drill 4 holes and 2 straps to move the front subframe forward then 2 more straps to move the engine back to it's original location. total cost about $4 for the steel. now the front of the engine is closer to the CL of the wheels.
















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  • Technical Advisory Committee



the same answer applies.


cost of materials.



if you want to lower the engine, raise the engine, tilt the engine, or any other movement, it’s all cost of materials. 

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I would guess material cost, but sort of lumped into the bigger conversation of what is allowed as material cost. There is no fixed vpi entry for this, so you have even better odds of it being material cost. 


I have a modified pickup point car with relocated wheelbase, haven't hit tech yet, but my assumption as builder was material cost....

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