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SOLD - BMW E30 Champ/Lemons Car - Turn Key

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Alas I am reluctantly putting my 1987 BMW E30 "Stoic" up for sale.


It's been a fantastic car for me and my team who have run it in 2 Lemons events this past season. We ran it for 3 days at CMP in April and then just last week for 3 days at Road Atlanta. It has been incredibly reliable and a tonne of fun. We finished both races and it's an E30...so an absolute blast to drive. Throughout the 2 weekends we lost  only 1hr at CMP with a broken 31yr old engine mount.


- Running the ETA engine which is much more lively than you might think with the Turner Motorsport chipped DME. The TMS DME took 6 seconds of our best lap at CMP in my not-so-capable hands. We were able to run with the B25 E30s no problem.

- LSD - I forget the ratio. Torque tested to 70ft/lbs fine and had fresh LSD Diff Oil put in before the Road Atlanta race.

- 6pt G-Force Harness - Stamp dated July 2018 (bought in March this year...+ 2yrs from stamp date for life).

- Tidy 6PT Roll Cage - 1 3/4 tubing with pinned sliding back support. Never a question asked during Tech.

- Starter is on a sprung toggle switch - no keys.

- Stock M20 B27 engine is very healthy. Doesn't use oil or water. A very slow oil leak (like 3-4 drops per week on the garage floor). I have brand new Oil Pan and Valve Cover Gaskets to go on it.

- One race on the Clutch Friction and Pressure Plates....also replaced the rear Main Oil Seal while I had it apart (wasn't leaking...just may as well do it while the box is out).

- Gearbox is very healthy also. No grinds, noises or refusal to into gear - fresh gear oil again before Road Atlanta.

- One race on new engine mounts and gearbox mounts.

- 4 full sets of wheels and tires...I forget the brands other than the TR Motorsports....they're all 15" and I'm running mostly Direzza 205s...a couple of Maxxis and a set of Toyo Proxes. Rubber is used but there's life still in most of them.

- Battery relo to passenger side of engine bay (up against the bulkhead).

- All under-hood fuel lines and vacuum lines replaced last March.

- Dash is ratty looking but still in the car! All gauges work fine. Added an aftermarket Oil Pressure idiot light.

- Driver's floor and pedals are covered in skate tape - my god this helped at Road Atlanta monsoon!

- Headlights, tail lights and running lights work (can't say the same for the rest of the field at RA - thanks for the visibility guys). Wipers work - fresh blades.

- What else....hmm, all spares I have come with it. I know I have brand new timing, steering pump and alternator belts...OEM DME but I'm forgetting stuff I'm sure...

- It'll need fire suppression for Champ and Lemons for 2019.

- Body is solid and straight, barely a dent on it...I do not believe this car has ever seen a road accident, a tire wall or a barrier.

- Please see pics. I'm keeping the Kirkey seat pictured...but I have a brand new OMP TRS-E that'll come with it.


I have the title...it's a Florida title with the name of guy 4 previous owners-ago.


To summarise, it's a very tidy, simple race car that gave 4 guys ranging from 5' 9" to 6' 4" a hell of a lot of fun. We're starting a new project and if I had room I'd keep Stoic, but I don't so...


Check and replace consumables as necessary and go racing, have fun...it starts every time. VPI...haven't checked the 2019 index, I think it would have come in at ~350pts for 2018 - that's a lot of go faster growing room.




Contact me at:

Email: darrenreed27@gmail.com

Mob: Seven1Six 7TwoZero 8Three9Nine





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Update to indicate car has now been sold.
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