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2003 325i Low Oil Pressure

Team Infiniti

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A friend has issues, figured someone here may be able to help.


High mile, previously neglected, 03 325i, sketchy oil change histoy


Sudden drop in pressure, pan dropped, clean crusty oil pump and sump, free up half stuck oil pump pressure relief valve, find 9 threads of a rather large(10mm?) hollow bolt among the crust.


Still has low pressure.








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2 minutes ago, BigMoneyWasters said:

Are you doing a direct reading oil pressure test? E46s are famous for the yellow oil light coming on. Yellow being oil level, turns red when it's oil pressure. Just making sure that the yellow oil light isn't your reason for concern.

He has verified and has new sensor.


What could that hollow bolt be?

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42 minutes ago, BigMoneyWasters said:

Hollow bolt is most likely part of the vanos system. Not sure what to say about the low oil pressure, although my E46 daily driver has developed an engine rattle at 220K miles so I may also have a similar problem.

Kind of figured it was vanos related but unsure what affect it has on oil pressure.

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