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2019 Official Thunderhill West Double 8+7 Enduro

Bill Strong

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May 4-May 5, 2019
Willows, CA
"Thunderhill West (2.0 mile)"
Early Pay Discount Ends: March 5, 2019
Entrant List
Download Supplemental Rules and Event Info



We have dropped the price of Thunderhill to 
Cost includes 1 car, all drivers, all crew!




Entries for Thunderhill West (2.0 mile)

updated 4/30/2019  200 Car Limit!
Price reduced to $650, includes Car entry, all drivers, and all crew

    Team Name Car # Year Make Model
1.   A Few Good Cylinders 7 1999 Mazda Miata
2.   Blown My Wad 135 1994 BMW 325 IS
3.   District Motor Club 68 1998 BMW 328i
4.   mr. angry motorsports 12 1992 mazda miata
5.   ORANGE PUMPKIN 137 1988 BMW 325
6.   Porsche Defectors 930 1987 BMW E30
7.   Roto Plookers 37 1990 Mazda RX7
8.   shakebreak 128 1988 BMW E30
9.   Team FOG 420   Mazda Miata
10.   Wilwood 119 1990 Mazda Miata
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11 hours ago, DuncanDana said:


To save some money I'm going to stuff the entire staff into your Honda Fit.....


See, I knew I should have got the minivan! Clown cars are cool though!

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1 hour ago, chump5150 said:

Sorry but what’s 20 car limit mean? Does it

mean max of 20 cars can enter the race? Does it mean 20 car limit to get the 650$ deal? Or does it mean 20 cars are needed to have the event go forward? Please clarify.  


I guess we could probably have worded that better. All entries are $650, so bring some friends!


I have a plane ticket and a hotel room, so we are running this race. 



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Weather looks to be sunny, low 80s during the day and high 50s at night. Come on out! 


If you have questions about this race, email Dana directly at dana.morrison@champcar.org. The forum is best left to speculation and the debate club that races on the weekends. 

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On 3/5/2019 at 6:48 AM, Bill Strong said:

We have dropped the price of Thunderhill to
Cost includes 1 car, all drivers, all crew!



Love this idea but you could make this event free and not get 20 cars. People do not like this track config. I mean i thinks its way better then autoclub infield but unfortunately i think the majority of our west coast races are from southern California   

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