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PF08 - Cheapest place or supporting vendor

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I don't get the business model...maybe racers are such a small percentage ,that they can take the hit in order to market he full coverage deal...none the less good for champ car BMW's

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On 1/11/2019 at 11:03 AM, CBraden said:

If / when FCP E change this policy or go out of business - I wonder if it will be because people did things they never expected like mail in used motor oil. Personal decision to exploit for personal gain, regardless of the (potential) harm to others (e.g. the business is out of business when a customer has a reasonable warranty claim).


I wonder why Land's End had to end their similar policy? Did the benefit the people who abused the policy causing it to end help or hurt in the aggregate?


(sorry for rant - this is a societal pet peeve - just because you can should be the reason to do anything - and a reasonable person standard makes the world a better place)




If it makes you feel better you can look at it as we are helping fund their professional race team and all of their growth and warehouse expansions. 


They do this to get business. Not because they’re “feeling nice”. 

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