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Endurance racing and the NC (third gen) Miata highlight the contingency awards enhancements.

More will be announced later next week with more details about the ChampCar Endurance Series and the Mazda contingency awards program.



In club racing and autocross, many auto manufacturers pay contingency awards, though not all. Of those who do, the philosophy has largely been to pay just the winner or, perhaps, the podium. Manufacturers want wins and podiums to be able to showcase.   

Mazda is different. It wants to showcase the talented Mazda racers, but it also rewards many racers who finish deeper in the fields.

“At Mazda, we don’t do things just because they’ve always been done that way,” commented David Cook, Mazda Motorsports’ business development manager. “A core value of ours has been continuous kaizen (continuous improvement). In 2017, we began paying deeper in the fields – often the top five finishing positions. In 2018, we paid a little deeper overall. And starting in 2019, as we refocus our efforts in road racing and autocross, we will offer contingency awards to Mazda racers in three sanctioning bodies for the first time – all endurance racing focused.”

Mazda racers competing in American Endurance Racing (AER), ChampCar, and World Racing League (WRL) are now eligible for contingency awards. For those choosing an MX-5 Miata, Mazda Motorsports has secured a parts rewards program as the primary compensation for these racers. These “parts rewards points” can be used to acquire many Miata racing competition parts from Mazda Motorsports. While points cannot be combined with cash to purchase a given part, the points value range in the hundreds to thousands of dollars in value. The list of Miata competition parts and associated point value will be released later this month. Due to fewer competition parts choices for those Mazda racers who do not compete in a Miata, they will be eligible for the standard “cash” rewards (applied through a rewards card). 

“We have been following ChampCar, AER, and WRL for multiple years, and have become very impressed with the level of professionalism and focus on the customer experience each sanctioning body provides,” said Cook. “As Mazda racers are choosing to compete in endurance racing, we will continue to find additional ways to support them.”

While Mazda Motorsports is getting behind select endurance racing sanctioning bodies, the GT3 class, it is also turning its support focus to the NC MX-5 Miata (2006 – 2015; third generation Miata).

“The NC Miata is primed to take off in the club racing market,” commented Cook. “And we are going to give it a big boost.”

As the price of the NC Miata road car has come down over the years and the NC Miata race car have made their way from pro racing into the club racing market, the opportunity to acquire an NC Miata for club racing competition has never been more affordable. Tether this with the ongoing support of the Mazda Motorsports Team Support Programand the emergence of the Spec MX-5 Challenge series, the owner’s value proposition is remarkable. But Mazda Motorsports is not resting there.

After the great success of Spec Miata (the series for the first two generation Miatas), Mazda Motorsports is taking those learnings and greatly enhancing its support of the NC Miata to drive it to become a spec national class in NASA and SCCA competition in the coming years.

“We have been above 50% market share, based on participation, in SCCA club racing for many consecutive years,” added Cook. That allows us competitive advantages in the market place to continue offering a Team Support Program bar none. Our goal is to get to 60%, which would allow us even greater means to support club racers. To do this, we need Spec Miata to continue to flourish, while also gaining new customers in other areas. The NC platform, being a quick, reliable, affordable and fun car that comes with all the support we are known to offer and more, entices other car owners. Our support of Spec Miata and other classes such as GT3 will continue to grow, as evident with our investment and partnership with Penske Racing Shocks and the GT3 Challenge presented by MPI, while we will bolster the support of the NC, in particular.”

While Mazda Motorsports is planning to share more on the NC Miata strategy later this month, part of its strategy can be viewed through its contingency support program. The new parts rewards bonus in endurance racing is just one new offering. NC owners will receive increased contingency awards, including the parts rewards bonus by accruing points in other series such as SCCA Touring 4, NASA ST5, and Spec MX-5 Challenge. These added contingency awards via the parts rewards bonus will help NC Miata and endurance racers continue to maintain top performing race cars by more easily acquiring competition parts from Mazda Motorsports. And according to Cook, contingency enhancements for the NC are going to exist beyond 2019.

As Mazda has nearly doubled the number of Mazda racers who have earned contingency during these last two years, and it continues to invest in racers with older and newer generation cars, one thing should be clear to all in the club racing arena, this is a very good time to be a Mazda racer.


Follow the link below for official Mazda Motorsports links to the required paperwork




Standings updated November 27, 2019


2020 National Championship Standings Mazda.pdf


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On 1/15/2019 at 10:12 AM, DEE DEE said:

Are those from Mazda or did you print them?


You have to run mazda approved decals, 22inch and 16inch, only in 3 approved colors.   I already had the artwork in my system so i just made them myself.  In a past life i thought you could make money doing vinyl decals... i was wrong.

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2 hours ago, MoparBoyy said:


You have to run mazda approved decals, 22inch and 16inch, only in 3 approved colors.   I already had the artwork in my system so i just made them myself.  In a past life i thought you could make money doing vinyl decals... i was wrong.


So this wouldn't be valid?! Damn I'm jealous of you 626 guys!


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1 hour ago, LuckyKid said:

Did the 626 Win $1500 at Road Atlanta for the class B win in a non-miata? 

I think we won $500 for Class A in the miata?  Still waiting on our patches.


I just upload all the results to our account with mazda motorsports.   To get a patch you have to call and talk to the motorsports guys.  There are none in the warehouse but they have them in the office in Cali.   We have ours.  

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50 minutes ago, Snake said:


I just upload all the results to our account with mazda motorsports.   To get a patch you have to call and talk to the motorsports guys.  There are none in the warehouse but they have them in the office in Cali.   We have ours.  

Thanks!  I will call them!

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So we submitted our 2nd place A-class (3rd overall) results from VIR North 12-hour to Mazda and have been told that Champcar payout is only for year-end points championship by class.


So, question to Champcar staff via @Bill Strong and @chisek, what constitutes the points championship for classes? The Champcar rulebook section for NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS SYSTEM does not specify classing. Will Champcar calculate the points championship per class so that we can collect Mazda contingency at the end of the season?


Will that still be based on overall finishing positions (A), or will finishing position in class be used to calculate year-end points champions by class (B)? Mazda specifies a separate bonus for an overall finish. Option A would mean the results within Class points would be heavily dependent on the results of cars outside of the class. It would be possible (likely) that a car that might otherwise dominate its class's competition be ranked lower due to cars in other classes finishing ahead of it in its particular races. (B) is obviously preferred.


Again, Mazda specifies four races for full payout. Will Champcar continue to factor only two finishes (C) or use a system that includes 4 or more races to calculate class points to satisfy the Mazda payout (D)? The current champcar national system would allow one team with a single weekend's performance to collect a 1st place payout reduced by 80% for competing less than 3 races over another team that may have completed the full four races. Example: Car #11 wins both days of a double 7 and competes no other events. Car #22 wins 2nd place the same weekend and 3rd place in another two events. With the current system (C) car #11 would win 1st and be paid out 20 "points" from Mazda while car #22 might finish 2nd place in the championship and be paid out 70 points from Mazda. With a compliant system that uses results from 4 or more races (D), the 1st place car would earn all 100 points available from Mazda*. (D) is obviously preferred.


Will the championship points system weigh the Championship event at Sonoma separately or differently (E) or will championship points consider all races equally (F)? The Champcar rule book currently seems to say (F) for the points system, which is preferred for determining the points championship for means of contingency payout, but the current "National Championship" is determined by the points entering the Championship Event plus the finishing position in the event (E). This weighs that single event highly and would make it effectually mandatory for any Mazda team hoping to earn a contingency payout.


Mazda Contingency specifies that the point championships in ChampCar will culminate at Sonoma Raceway in mid-February, 2020. The Champcar rulebook does not actually define either the start or end of the season. Even though season is mentioned in a few other places as well. When does the points season, ending in February 2020, begin?


*Mazda awards prizes in a separate points system that can be redeemed for parts. 100 points is worth about $1,800


TLDR: Winning Mazda team, submitted to Mazda, don't know how it's going to work. Would like to see options B, D, and F implemented. Need answers.

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  • Bill Strong changed the title to MAZDA CONTINGENCY AWARDS PROGRAM

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