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2019 ChampCar Sim Series

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TONIGHT is the first practice round of the 2019 ChampCar Sim Series. I'm posting the details in a General Discussion thread to let the wider community know of the changes that we've made with respect to schedule/rules/scoring and to encourage interested competitors to check it out. All other event-specific threads will be posted, as usual, in the Sim Series forum section.


ChampCar Sim Series


The Sim Series uses iRacing as its simulator of choice for the Sim Series. With an ever-evolving physics model, day-night transitions, changing track states, and a wide variety of precisely scanned tracks, iRacing continues to be the benchmark for online motorsport simulation.


The Sim Series comprises two divisions for East-Coast (Atlantic Division) and West-Coast (Pacific Division) drivers. There are 15 rounds that make up the season, which is mirroring the real-life ChampCar schedule as closely as possible. All races (practice and championship) are on Wednesday evenings, with the championship round at the track occurring the week before ChampCar event.


All 15 Championship Rounds in the Atlantic Division will be broadcast live on YouTube and Twitch by the HJBC.


Events and Scoring


All events (for both divisions, practice and championship) follow the same format. Session are 4hr in length and start launch at 6pm local time (ET and PT respectively). Practice is 2hr, open qualifying is 1hr, and then the race is 1hr. All sessions utilize iRacing's dynamic weather and track state, which means some races may end in darkness. The races all use the 2015 Maxda Miata Cup car with the iRacing fixed baseline setup. The setup will have reduced fuel, meaning a pit stop will be required during the race.


Championship rounds award points to drivers down to 38th place, as long as they complete over 50% race distance. Practice round results do not count towards championship totals but are run to the same conditions as the championship rounds. There are four drop weeks factored into the final championship totals for each driver, so even if you miss a round or have a couple of bad races it is not the end of your championship chances.




The exciting part - the overall championship winners of both divisions will win a free race entry to a 2020 ChampCar event. If you are a owner or member of an existing team then this can be redeemed for a free race entry. If you are a novice driver with no real track experience, ChampCar will work with you to join the driving roster of an established team for an event and give you the full ChampCar experience of budget endurance racing on America's greatest tracks.


The second and third place championship finishers in both divisions will win a coveted ChampCar welded trophy, just like the ones teams win at official ChampCar events. We are very grateful to ChampCar management for arranging these prizes.


I will update this thread with championship information periodically, for all advice threads and resources head over to the Sim Series section of the forum, and I hope this will encourage those on the fence to come and join us on the virtual track soon!


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The team at the HJBC have put together the below promo video for the league, to help build the hype for the new season. If you're interested, please come and check it out!



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Round 2 of the Sim Series takes place tomorrow night, see the YouTube link for the live broadcast which will start at 8:50pm Eastern! We saw a great field last time out at Road Atlanta, and now have attracted the entry of Robert Hartley, one of the highest ranked iRacing drivers in the world. He is determined to battle with John Allen for the win, and there promises to be great action throughout the field.



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