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Drivers needed for KY Race!

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Hello everyone,


 I'm attempting to put together a team for NCM MOTORSPORTS PARK 8+7 Enduro (June 15-16) KY. We have a 95 Mustang GT that can hold corners well and has some balls! So far it's been at Harris Hill and MSR Houston and we're attempting to branch further out. Looking to get a group of guys out there that are eager to race all day and drink all night! If you're wanting to get some more seat time on the track without paying an arm and leg we're the guys to talk to! We have a stacker trailer(We also have room for sleeping in the stacker with AC), tools, some equipment that might fit so less rentals, radios, master tech. (who knows every inch of the car because he built the damn thing), and of course food and beer! 



Trying to get some solid guys locked down so we can guarantee to make it out there this year!                                                                                                                                                                   

PM me for details!

God bless,


Jakob Prater.


IMG_0253 (1).JPEG

Lets rock racing 2.jpg

Lets rock racing 3.jpg

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Guys, I am a new driver, but I have been around a long time.  I have raced motocross, go carts, circle track dune buggies and have done a bunch of different driving events (Legend Cars, Formula Fords, HPDE in my Corvette).  I am currently prepping a C4 for ChampCar, but this would be a great experience to get track time and learn the ins and outs of Endurance racing.  I will have my own gear and am a bigger guy, 6'2", 250#.  I have been wrenching on cars since I was 3 years old, been drinking beer just as long, do mean BBQ, and know not to put my car or myself in the wrong spot at the wrong time.

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Hey guys if your still looking i am interested.  I have not run Champ car but I have several years of Racing in other forms of racing, and a excellent Mechanical aptitude.  I am from Wisconsin so no need to go into the after hours stuff.  I have a race trailer with air and heat or a camper if more room is needed.  let me know what you think. hope to hear from you soon.

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