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Pro Pit Helmet

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I looked for the information but was unable to find it. For pitstops and being over the wall and fueling are we allowed to wear a FIA/SFI Balaclava with something like the G-force Pro Pit Helmet with googles? It would make it a lot easier and a much better field of view than our teams race helmets.





I wanted to know before I put out the money and got told it isn't allowed for competition.


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Basically, you have to wear what a driver wears.

Champ car BCCR https://champcar.org/mainweb/pdf/2019ChampCarBCCR.pdf


8.2.3. During the fueling process any team member over the wall must wear a driver’s suit possessing a valid FIA and/ or SFI certification. It may be a single layer SFI 3.2/A1 or 3.2/A3, or multi-layer SFI 3.2/A5 or higher suit. A fireproof underwear layer is advisable but not required with single- layer suits. HOWEVER, any suit determined by ChampCar Tech and/or Gear Inspectors to be worn, frayed, torn, have holes, grease/oil stains or other conditions that are deemed by ChampCar Officials to reduce or negate the item’s designed effectiveness will not pass tech and shall NOT be allowed for competition. ChampCar’s decision is final. Fire-retardant FIA- or SFI 3.3-rated socks and gloves are also required. FIA or SFI 3.3-rated Balaclavas are strongly encouraged but are not mandatory. Balaclavas are required for .over-the- wall crew with beards, or drivers with long hair that is not fully covered by their helmet. Hair protruding from beneath an over-the-wall crew helmet shall be completely covered by fire resistant material. As an alternative to balaclavas, a full FIA or SFI-rated helmet skirt may be used. Standard closed toe “street” shoes can be worn by over-the- wall crew. Leather boots are recommended. Non-driving over-the-wall crew members may wear an out-of-date Snell SA closed face with face shield helmet for pit duties. Crew members with out-of-date helmets shall mark both sides of their helmet with the words “FUEL ONLY” in 1.5”, high-contrast and easily identifiable letters. Optional: The fueler is allowed to wear an SFI 52.1 fueler apron in addition to the above over-the-wall fueling gear.

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47 minutes ago, Mchin said:

Sorry I should have mentioned I read the BCR before, and yes it did read that way. If that is the case can we have it looked at to open it up to Balaclava, pit helmet and googles as an option for pit crews?

I suppose you can submit a petition but you are better served getting the approved stuff, of late, the series has been getting tough  on anything fuel and fire safety. People with actual firefighting gear get shot down because it is not the specified stuff.

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