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Quickcar switch panel


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I bought a QuickCar dashpanel for about $100 or so, expensive for set of switches but looks nice. For the price I figured it would be great quality (even if they have a lame name).


However it sucked, one of the crimps was sloppy and fell off. Luckly this happened during installation and not during a race.


Sad, because everything else looks nice but now I can't trust it...


Advice, stay away.

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I used one for a few years in my CR-X. You are right. It looks good, but is very cheaply made. Luckily, knowing that- check all the connections to make sure they are tight. Also, the push button starter switch will go. I ordered a better aftermarket one after mine crapped out. Now it is all solid. Not used anymore, and in my box of race car spare parts, but solid.

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we have quickcar switch panels in both cars, havn't had any issues.  the Moroso one was on back order when i bought the second quickcar one.    the one in the mazda is many years old and the bulbs have all burned out, but who cares really.

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1 hour ago, Team Infiniti said:

Interesting, not likely to order, but interesting

What have you done with them? Pricing?

I've made a couple of gauge and switch panels. Pricing depends on size, material, number of holes, text, etc. I think this one was $80 or $90.


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