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Radio Setup

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Looking for input on this radio setup/if its going to work. Per usual im trying to do this as reasonably priced as possible.
This is what I'm thinking for set up. 

I already bought a Motorolla CM200 Mobile Radio for $80.


Jumper $65


Im assuming the 5 pin connector is universal between products, which is what the jumper cable has to tie into the harness.

Car Harness $65

PTT $32

Antenna $40

So thats a total of $282 with out a crew unit for the pits. Anyone see any issues with this?

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What frequency is everyone using in their cars? 

Rules state this for race control East and Central Event Tracks – East & Central – 151.625 MHz


I'm assuming if im using a UHF 400+mhz matched with a antenna that's rated the same and radio I'm probably not going to have transmission and receiving problems. 


Motorola lists this other antennas for the CM200:

HAD4007 VHF 144-150.8 MHz, 1/4 Wave Roof Mount

HAD4008 VHF 150.8-162 MHz, 1/4 Wave Roof Mount

HAD4009 VHF 162-174 MHz, 1/4 Wave Roof Mount

RAD4000 VHF 136-174 MHz, 3 dB Gain (no mount)

HAE4002 UHF 403-430 MHz, 1/4 Wave Roof Mount

HAE4003 UHF 450-470 MHz, 1/4 Wave Roof Mount

HAE4004 UHF 470-512 MHz, 1/4 Wave Roof Mount

HAE4010 UHF 406-420 MHz, 3.5 dB Gain Roof Mount

HAE4011 UHF 450-470 MHz, 3.5 dB Gain Roof Mount

HAE4012 UHF 470-494 MHz, 3.5 dB Gain Roof Mount

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You must run a UHF antenna with a UHF radio and vise versa for VHF. Have you confirmed the frequency band that your CM200 radio is made for? Typically we recommend running your race control frequency on a scanner separate from your two way radio setup as using scan functions can be difficult to use depending on the model radio and how each track uses the race control frequency. It also allows you to stay on the UHF platform for all the communications you are having between the car and crew. If you need to know what frequency your CM200 is before buying antennas, just pull the FCC ID from the radio and give us a call. We can run it and give you the frequency range of the radio.  

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AAM50RPC9AA1AN 40W Lists at 438-470mhz.

Mostly just wanted to know if the two 5 pin connectors that I listed are going to fit into eachother (jumper & harness), but looks like you guys sell a very similar thing if not the same. So Im assuming they are going to work, ill give you guys a ring later. 


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No problem-


Yes, for the most part. The biggest difference is in the quality of the build, jacks and the coax. As with most things racing, quality products do tend to cost more to build but in the long run will save emotional anguish or grief track side.

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