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NA6/NB1 Miata Parts for sale - Road Atlanta or VIR

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Over the past few years I’ve acquired quite a few Miata parts I don’t need:


OE Hardtop with glass, a little rough for a street car, but would work great for a race car. 



- full disassembled 1.6 engine, warped head from overheating, block will need honing at the least

- 1.6 VLSD diff, was making noise when removed, believe to be pinion bearing

- 1.6 axles in good shape

- 1.6 stock header/downpipe, header has some leaks at the merge


NB1 (99):

- 3.9 Torsen with housing

- new header (installed once, never ran) 

- stock exhaust manifold/downpipe

- Basically any other 99 part except the engine/trans is available, dark green car, most exterior parts are good except driver fender


PM or email me (tchapma1@hotmail.com) for details on anything.  I’ll be at Road Atlanta for the test day, and assuming the car stays together, at VIR in March.  I don’t have anything above packed for RA, but if you get me a request by Thursday afternoon I might be able to get it in the trailer.

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