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DA Integra part out

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We wrecked our Acura Integra (Team Sterm, car #449) last year at Watkins Glen.  We went back and forth on what to replace it with and eventually chose a new car altogether, so we have a few bits for sale.  I'm listing the big ticket items, but feel free to ask if there is something else you'd like.


LS/VTEC engine - $2,500 (1 race, 1 practice)

- Rebuilt engine (LS block with GSR head)

- New Exedy clutch

- YS1 transmission (cable)

- Golden Eagle VTEC conversion kit

- Conservative tune with Hondata below ~145whp


Hondata S300 / ECU package - $600 (includes jumper)



Progress Technology Coil-over kit - $400 (4 race weekends)


550# springs


Bolt-on Big Brake Setup - Make offer

- Integra Type R calipers

- 6x Mini Cooper Frozen rotors front (1 race on one pair, 2 pairs excellent spares)

- 4x Integra Frozen rotors rear (1 race on one pair, 0 races on the other)

- Several sets of Acura TSX Hawk DTC-60 brake pads, front and rear - plenty of life on each set offered


Axles - Make offer

Several (3?) pairs of axles - packed with high temp grease and vented


Feel free to ask any questions.  I'm willing to offer package deals, not ready to part out the engine yet, all prices are OBO. Car is located just south of Rochester, NY.

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Very interested in the Hondata ECU. Is the conversion harness OBD0-1? And are you willing to ship that to Wisconsin? Is the tune going to be still loaded?

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Correct, OBD0-OBD1. The tune is still loaded on it. I will sell separate, but I want to give it a little bit of time to see if someone wants it with the engine. 

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