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Daytona-14 hour seats available, April 2019

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We have stints available in our Mazda 626 for the April 2019 14-hour ChampCar race at Daytona International Raceway. 



Our Mazda is a B-class car with a good running 4-cylinder. We run full 2-hour stints with our OEM tank. There is a Sparco Pro Circuit 2 halo seat, Cool Suit and bottle holder. It will comfortably accommodate drivers of at least 6'-3". We run a Rugged Radios system with IMSA plug. We also live-stream every race on YouTube Live and have a GoPro in the car to give footage to drivers. Car is always thoroughly prepped before each race and we run RS4's and always have an extra mounted set in the trailer with a comprehensive spares package. The car weighs under 2300# no driver on the grid and makes nice power from a KSR-tuned 2.0 FS Mazda engine. The 626 is fun to drive and surprisingly neutral for a FWD car with a touch of oversteer from the aftermarket rear ASB and trailing links. We have yet to have a driver get out of the car without a smile on their face. 


We won our class (B) at the 2017 September's 14-hour Sebring race and placed 17th OA. We placed 6th OA at the 2017 December 10-hour Sebring race. We won our class (B) at the 2018 August 24-hour VIR race and placed 15th OA. We just won our class (B) and the 2019 14-hour Road Atlanta race and placed 15th OA with a group of drivers who had never been in the car previously. 





There is tons more info, pictures, etc. on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Inactiv-Motorsports-1378949425524117/

We also have a YouTube channel with videos from racing and testing: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq0ZnJgyA-JbsYxS5cWdp3Q


We are looking for solid and safe drivers with W2W experience for 2-hour stints at Dayona. We like to be competitive and run 5-minute fuel/driver change stops. We also run a strategic race. If you're coming to race with us please know that we take this seriously. We provide a contract for renters that spells out all terms of the rental including reimbursement of both the damage deposit and stint fees should the renter not get their stint. We will provide food and drinks during the race for drivers. This is an arrive and drive and we do not expect renters to have to go over the wall. We'll be bringing our 48' fifth-wheel with generator power (and AC) if drivers need a cool place during the race.


If interested, please PM on this site; or send an email to InActivMotorsports@gmail.com ; or contact us through our FB page by clicking the "Send Message" button. 






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We've now won B class at Sebring, VIR and Road Atlanta.  We need some guys that can add Daytona to that list! 

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