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Canbus based relay IO board?

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Does anyone know of a good relay board that can be controlled over canbus?


I have an extra arduino laying around so could probably build one but nice if it already comes in a box. Need it for my overcomplicated accessory control.

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7 hours ago, mhr650 said:

Probably more than you are looking for but it would perform awesome.




Yes! Exactly what I need, except the price. ECUMASTER also has something similar.

I don't need 16 solid state channels capable of 50A or something crazy :)


7 hours ago, Slugworks Paul said:


That is option #2. That shield, arduino and some amazon relay board should do the trick. Just would be nice if someone had done that already :)

6 hours ago, tommytipover said:

OMG that website is a rabbit hole :) I'm gonna order one of everything...


Ok, I should probably not mention adafruit and seedstudio.

(You can find clones at amazon for a 1/4th, but not worth $20 for the hazzle. They suck sometimes and sometimes they are just as good).

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