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Most Common Failures - Unofficial Poll

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Our drive train is proven. Our first race was comical. Black flagged twice for hanging exhaust. It will not happen again. Seriously reinforced. 


And a rear brake bolt came loose. Lock tight and attention to details on remaining bolts.


Rocker arm broke after a down shift into first instead of 3rd. 


As far as driver issues we were not fast enough to really make a call. 


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7 minutes ago, enginerd said:

We have had 1 trans, 2 engine, no driver failures.

Ball joint, electrical x 2, cooling system have all made for failures that did not end our race (but did prevent winning). 


You forgot eBay brake lines....

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Transmissions seem to be the most common failure we've seen in three different cars (and yes, with varying drivers). 

Our 300Z constantly had trans issues. The KSR 300Z also had regular issues with the Z32 transmission and racing. There are some small parts in those transmissions that fail and take out the entire box. 

Our Mazda 626 had a broken shift fork at the Road Atlanta race last year. This is a common failure point with the Mazda G5M trans and the forks are basically an obsolete part. 

We just lost 3rd gear in a T5 during testing at Road Atlanta on Friday. I think it's due to user error, lol. That trans had over 40 hours of track/racing time on it. We swapped in the stock OE trans in 31 minutes.

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1 hour ago, E. Tyler Pedersen said:


You forgot eBay brake lines....

I did forget that. 


- rear brake line failure in turn 1 autobahn country club. 


 BUT, with your quick swap to the spare line and brake bleed, the failure did not prevent us from winning that race!

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3 minutes ago, enginerd said:

I did forget that. 


- rear brake line failure in turn 1 autobahn country club. 


 BUT, with your quick swap to the spare line and brake bleed, the failure did not prevent us from winning that race!

This was an impressive fix!

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Civic had a CV axle fail on the first race weekend at Portland. 



Portland: bad "new" master cylinder caused brake bias issues in first race.

Spokane: new shifter cable end came apart.

Ridge: rain-induced MAF issue that caused the engine to backfire hard enough to tear apart a stock engine mount and break the exhaust. 

Laguna: "induced" failures: fuel rail leak (pit crew member leaned on it), clutch (driver missed shift and went into gravel trap).


Engine (pushrod V6) survived 7600 rpm overrev and 80+ hours of lean mixture racing with no change in the 4% leak-down.

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Hmmm, 2 1.6 motors

6 1.6 diffs

a broken spring

random fuel issues from our exhaust super heating the cell

one rear axel that was also destroyed because of our exhaust

one hub sheared off and sent a wheel flying across the fields at Gingerman from a prior wheel to wheel contact in the race

1 transmission had an internal failure, was out of a car with 180k on it, plus a few thousand race miles.

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DNF or any issue?


In 10 yrs of Chuamp, there are prob a few things left out.



Oil pump pressure regulator stuck open 4 seconds, killing a rod bearing

Transmission fail X4


Killed position but no DNF:

Brake pads (inexperience, crashed, finished 6th even with waiting for tow truck 20 min)

Steering rack bushings

Fuel pump

Freshly rebuilt trans failed, replaced and continued

Factory tubular header broke (ignored little exhaust leak for 2 races)

Thermostat, ruined engine but finished race

Alternator exciter wire broke

Diff overheated (still finished 6th after 20 min pit to change fluid)

Brake caliper bracket(Rd Atl)

Brake caliper piston froze (Charlotte)

Insufficient lug nut torque/lost wheel


Could have hurt position if the day was going better or situation was dealt with during a caution/long pit:


Clogged fuel vent (Same day as caliper piston)

Tail light fuse (short never found)

Another fuel pump


Fuel lift pump fail:








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1 control arm

2 wheel bearings

3 transmissions

2 fuel pumps (and one fuel starvation)

1 rod bolt broke, rod through the block

1 our driver hit the wall

1 somebody else's idiot driver took us out



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Depends on the car


'16 Thompson - RF tie rod failed when clobbered by E30  ("I was faster, you were supposed to get out of my way")

'17 VIR - Alternator, then Cam angle sensor

'17 Nelson - Pirouetting Honda's who couldn't find the brake pedal, who then used us to try their hand at an A-Team flip by driving over us at T3 (Mike would not let us go ask what their plan had been)

'18 Thompson - both tie rods, both LH wheels, both LH lower control arms when run off the track by another Miata that was 100 laps down to us ("but we didn't have any damage")



Brakes, suspension bolts, brakes, tires, brakes


Here's hoping to '19 being a better season.


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I'm gonna guess the nelsons race was 2018 since we didn't race there in 2017.


Was that your car involved in the airborne pic of the one car climbing the other car?


I got caught out in that same area by slower cars going through 1 and 2.  I put it in the dirt instead of plowing into the back of the other car....

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Broken flywheel bolts, on a 2 race old engine, destroying the crank. Causing our only DNF.


pulled crank, repaired and reassembled.  Then, a weak injector nuked a piston in said engine the next race.  We dumped the spare in and still finished.


We've also had rental drivers investigate a tire wall, and spend 20 minutes buried in kitty litter.  Along with random clutch (bad slave), brake (leaking piston), fuel (leaking sender), alternator (the little bolts holding the alternator together fell out) and sensor (TPS decided it would drop out randomly  above 4.5K rpm) issues are our big ones.  So far it's never been the same thing twice.

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