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SOLD!! '93 240SX with ChampCar Log Book for sale $7100

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This car has a newly machine shop worked stock motor with newly worked head, race bearings and polished STD crank.  This car will now compete in B class.  It comes with all the goodies one needs to race; 3 fuel jugs, 2 pit fire extinguishers, cart and drip pans and plenty of spares.  If you are getting started or want a second car for your team, this one  is ready.  It currently has a 2018 log book but with the turbo and intercooler gone, it gains point room for other mods.  We raced it at Watkins Glen last Memorial Day Weekend; but the turbo generated too much heat under the hood to keep it racing.  Not anymore.   It does have Z31 hubs, rotors and calipers on all four corners.  She stops on a dime and runs cool with an aftermarket aluminum radiator.  The radiator is the only points assessed mod.  It has a  VPI of 350 plus 20 for Aluminum radiator under $300.  Fresh everything; Cobra race seat, 6 point seat belts and window net.  Call me at 707 535 9148 (my old CA cell) and the car is located in Statesville, N.C.  I have plenty of pictures of underneath and inside the car.  Car is Juniper green.  











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