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Suit repair questions


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I am due to be a novice at the VIR event coming up next week. I have an older SFI 5 layer jacket and pants I noticed last weekend at HPDE two things

1) a quarter size hole below the knee on my right leg of my pants

2) the hook and loop material on my jacket has worn out


I have stitched the hole closed using nomex thread but want to know if that is going to be suitable for passing gear tech? Also if I replace the hook and loop and using nomex thread also to attach it will that be fine? Last thing I want to do is show up at the track and not be ready, but I don't want to have to throw out my old stuff for a small hole and a worn out velcro?



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I have used the nomex zippers sold at Pegasus, sewn into a suit with nomex thread. I also have had tears and holes repaired at local shoe repair shop with my supplied nomex thread.  

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