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Two (2) Race-ready E30s for sale

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John Allen Special is considering upgrading to a newer, faster, more cheaty BMW. To fund this, we will be forced to sell both of our race proven E30s. Picture below is from 2016 prior to season start.


Both cars are effectively identical it terms of prep and modifications. Various spares are available (motors/trans/diffs, suspension components, cooling, etc.). These car are not cosmetically perfect by any means. They have been entered in 5-6 races per year for the last 4 years which has at times led to slight contact and off track excursions. Details are as follows (both cars):

-Stock M20B25 engine
-Suspension suspension setup consists of front camber plates, H&R Race springs, and Bilstein sport shocks
-Rear subframe bushings has been replaced with polyurethane
-Motor, transmission, and differential bushings have been replaced with polyurethane
-Differential is factory 4.10 gearing, freshly rebuilt with new clutches, dog ear plates, and seals
-Brakes are stock calipers with stainless steel braided lines
-Standard safety equipment includes FIA rated containment seats, on-board fire suppression, and 6pt harnesses
-Wheels are 15x8in with 225/45/15 tires
-Both cars have a 0.5gal surge tank mounted in the trunk

There are slight differences between the two cars:
-Blue car is a 1988 chassis with ABS, although ABS currently DOES NOT function
-Pink car is a 1986 chassis, originally an ETA motor, the motor has been swapped as well as matching larger late model fuel tank
-Pink car is a NON-abs chassis

Cars are currently ChampCar rules compliant and essentially race ready. Consumable items like brakes/tires/fuids may require attention prior to the next race. Cars can easily convert to Spec E30 by adding SE30 required swaybars, as well as side and rear windows. Differentials are both 4.10 ratio, but a 3.73 LSD can be available.

We are asking $7500 per car, with deals available if both are purchased together.




When delivered, both cars will be race ready minus consumables (brakes, tires, fluids). PM me for more details regarding each car.

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