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Watertown NY/Calabogie to Daytona OR Charlotte

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I think Aaron Bluestone is and he's located in Rochester, NY.  I think his name on here is "The blue" or something similar, but it's not coming up when I try to tag him.

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14 hours ago, Team Infiniti said:

Is there anyone in upstate NY racing @ Daytona? Edit or Charlotte?


I found a great deal on a e30 diff but need a hand getting it here.

A week ago I could have delivered it door to door for the price of a Fiesta transmission....  :)

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2 minutes ago, theblue said:

yeah that's a good deal.  I think I have a 4.10 that I took out because 60mph at like 4k revs got old.   not letting mine go for less than like $350.

Infiniti v6 automatic going into our e30 is designed for 3.9, its going to love a 4.10, heck the speedo will even be close enough! ;)

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