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Indy Grand Prix Seat Available

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#69nice Racing in conjunction with Lake Effect Racing will be fielding a race entry for the 2019 Champcar Indy Grand Prix. We will have 5 drivers, we currently have 1 seat available that is 2 total stints, 1 on Saturday and 1 on Sunday.

Driver qualifications: Looking for experienced/funded drivers, please send me your resume and details about your driving to lakeeffectrac1ng@outlook.com once I review your details I will send you pricing and further information.

Expectations: No hot heads need to apply. Looking for drivers that are consistent lap times that are comparative to my own or faster and drive clean. Endurance racing is very different from sprint racing so my philosophy is run your own race and consistency wins. We have a full crew but we ask you to be in the pits during the races to make sure our strategy stays in place for the races during the weekend. Otherwise show up for the race with your safety equipment.

Details on the car:

93 prelude, non vtec, 5 speed.

Upgraded suspension,

16" 225/50/16 rbfg rivals (non s rivals - the good ones...)

Kirkey seat on sliders. Can accommodate a 5'4 driver up to 6'5 with no problem.

Center net, multiple extinguishers.

RST43 front pads, hawk blue rear, frozen rotors.

Drink bottle holder, live stream and secondary camera.

The defrost is still hooked up incase of fog, rain, etc...






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