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Looking for Honda Michelin cage 1988-1991

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I am looking for a roll cage that was used for the 1988-1991 series honda michelin cars. I heard a rumor that a bunch of these cages leftover from the HM series were sold on this forum a few years ago, so maybe there's one still around somewhere?


These cages are bolt-in and designed to fit various years of honda civics. I am only interested in the 1988-1991 fitment. The cages were originally made by Canadian Stockcar (who didn't keep the jigs or plans). They rear stays were bent to clear the back seat, and the bar between the two front hoops was often mounted above the steering wheel or dashboard. 


Why do I want one? I am building a honda-michelin replica. It was my first racecar.


Please reply to me at csds at shaw dot ca if you can help!





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