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Newbie Driver & Wrencher in Texas

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Howdy Everyone!


New here, but was looking to take the next steps into helping out and or joining a local team in Champ Car.


As a driver, I have 51 track days of HPDE/open track day experience in platforms from a FWD slow VW Jetta to a RWD V6 M/T Hyundai Genesis Coupe to my current VW Red Wagon with 4motion temperamental AWD.  While I don't have wheel to wheel/racing experience, I have enough of the track fundamental down and can hold a decent clip that I think I am up for the challenge of adding some race craft to the mix.  I am on a fast track with my local DE Org to potentially earn become an instructor soon from what I have been told.  I have also started working events as a corner flag station, grid, and control over the last 2 years.  So, I know both sides of being on track.  A run down of the tracks I have run is below.


Additionally in getting into the hobby 8 years ago, I began building a decent tool collection and paid to go back to vocation school to learn Auto Mechanics.  So, while I can't tear down an engine or trans to rebuild it nor have a care for body work, I can at least hit the majority of systems and perform repairs with a bit of guidance as a wrencher.  Figured that would help to offset some costs, but realized it only brought about more modifications to distract the wife from.  Oh well, at least I learned something new and practical lol.


Anywho, I am out of North Houston in the Spring/Woodlands area and was hoping to find a Texas based team to work with for future Texas track events.  Also would potentially be interested in traveling to meet up with a team for other events/locations with a preference on Indy, VIR, and Barber, but am open to discussions.  If nothing else, I will try to come work/spectate events near me to start getting my feet wet when possible.


Track Experience Breakdown:

Texas World Speedway 2.9 CCW - 13 - Dry & Wet
Texas World Speedway 2.9 CW - 4 - Dry & Wet
Houston MSR 2.4 CCW - 6 - Dry & Wet
Houston MSR 2.4 CW - 3 - Dry
MSR Cresson 1.7 CCW - 5 - Dry
MSR Cresson 3.1 BIG track CCW - 6 - Dry & Wet
MSR Cresson 1.3 SKILLS track CCW - 2 - Dry (Instructing)
Harris Hill Road 1.8 CW - 3 - Dry
Grandsport Speedway 1.4 CW - 3 - Dry 
Grandsport Speedway 1.4 CCW - 3 - Dry
NOLA North Track 2.75 - CW - 1 - Wet
COTA Full Track 3.41 - CCW - 1 - Dry
Carolina Motorsports Park 2.3 - CW - 1 - Dry

Total Track Days = 51


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