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Fire System Nozzle Locations

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Getting ready to install the SPA system in the new car. I have three nozzles. I had one mounted over my right shoulder on the main roll bar hoop. One mounted just below the mirror, and one in the center of the engine compartment on the fire wall. Figured the driver needs two nozzles in front and behind.


Was thinking to mount the engine nozzle on the right side of the engine near the fuel lines, fuel rail, and pressure regulator.


What opinions do you all have?

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5 minutes ago, Team Infiniti said:

 Focus on wetting the driver, one on the engine one on the gas tank just to keep it to a  dull roar until the driver can get out, these are suppression systems not extinguishing systems..Putting out the car is not going to happen,  save the driver.


This. The fire system is there to buy some time for egress.  As such, the majority of what my bottle has to offer is focused on the driver.  One under-hood, one under the dash for driver lower body, and one for driver midsection/upper.  Beyond that a nozzle pointed at gallons upon gallons of burning gasoline is wasted agent in my opinion.  


Install it like it might save a loved one someday. In my case, my wife is a driver. A damn good one too. 

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I spoke with Safecraft direct when I installed my system. They were familiar with the small confines of the OpelGT/Toyota MR2. They suggested only one nozzle in the drivers' compartment. and two in the engine compartment. The added second would reduce the amount of FE36 going into the small interior. He said something about not wanting to kill the driver. lol. 
I also have a 10-pound bottle with an auto-fire nozzle for the fuel system components and fuel cell(opel GT) / tank(MR2).


I have only had to test it once in the Opel GT. We had a carburetor fire. It worked. Installed a backup bottle and were back racing(that word racing is debatable) 30 minutes later. 

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