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We ran our Camaro in the February Road Atlanta race.  It is clearly very fast...  we ran the 5th fastest lap of the race.  The rear track/panhard bar broke and knocked us out of the race very early.   The car started life as an SCCA American Sedan, then was swapped to NASA American Iron, then we slightly modified to run in Class 'D' with a lot of penalty points.  Have all receipts back to original owner i think including several SCCA and NASA logbooks.   305 small block chevy rebuilt internals in 2015, hooker comp racing headers, trick flow alum heads, 750 holley double pumper, ford 9" rear end, remote oil filter, accusump, Muncie M22 transmission (yes really), hydraulic throwout,   new Spec stage 3 clutch & pressure plate on car, aluminium racing radiator, new p/s pump, wilwood front calipers and hubs, brake bias adjuster; bilstein all corners rebuilt 1 year ago, new rotors and Hawk DTC 70 pads on front 60's on rear; belts good through 2019, ; 15 gal fuel cell;  4 steel wheels with RA1's ok for practice; (8) AR wheels with Nitto's 200 treadwear, 4 with 42 minutes at RA and 4 sticker; new windshield, bigass wing, front air dam, fully welded custom cage not a kit. Needs sfi window net, fire system FE36 bottle will need to be replaced in 2020.  Total points 931 can run in D depending on field might make sense or run EC if 5 ec's and looking for trophy.  Was a fun drive around RA, handles pretty good, big bang going around everybody on back straight for a change (I’m used to miatas and our Lincoln LS chumpcar). will need panhard bar bracket welded to left rear pickup point See pics for before and after of left side bracket.  Asking $7500, make me an offer.

We got car to take one of our friends out racing then he backed out so we have one too many race projects now. Also have a spare 3 plate racing clutch from roush with a lightened flywheel+bellhousing+ hyd throwout would be extra if interested. Can meet halfway to deliver.  Plan to be at NCM in June.














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3 hours ago, manicmiata96 said:

You always need a backup car! 

That's why I picked up this 91 305 5 speed Formula for $900  oh and your car would be the primary. 91a.jpg.6b456690034a9732b0e7ba5044a45fa5.jpg

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52 minutes ago, turbogrill said:

How much power does something like this have?

Just a guess from the 305 crowd....with aluminum heads...I'm guessing it also has a racing cam, 330+ 

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330 seems a bit high, though it does really depend on what parts were put on it.  A stock 305 TPI (multipoint FI) only made 215HP stock in 92.  The 350 of the same year was 230HP.  The TBI (single throttle body with 2 injectors) was in the 190 range if I remember right.  With a good intake and carb I am sure you could make just as much power out of the 305 as a stock 350 TPI car.  With a cam and heads, all bets are off, but I would think a mild cam with stock heads would put it near the 300HP mark.  Of course there is plenty of room for engine work given the lowly stature of the GM 3rd Gen value!


I would snag this car in a heartbeat if I had the money.  I love the 3rd gens!  Simple, robust (especially with the Ford 9" axle that this one has) and plentiful for spares.  I attached an old picture of mine.  I haven't taken a picture of the car in the last 15 years for some reason.  

TA car side.JPG

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