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Roll Cage Fabricator in Southern Wisconsin

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You may want to try calling Pegasus Racing Supply.  Someone there can probably point you to a local fabricator.  They are located in New Berlin if it helps the Google search.  You can also check out the Midwestern Council racing series to see if they have anyone listed on their website.  Let's see, where else might you look.  Did you try the SCCA message board?  Again, there should be some info to be gleaned from there.

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On May 16, 2019 at 10:40 AM, enginerd said:

If you’re willing to tow 6 hours to Detroit, @mcoppola does great work. 

This isn't so far fetched, and has actually been done before. Last winter I did an E46 cage for Polar Bear Racing, who came here from Madison, WI. 


Let me know if you're interested, timing, type of car, and I'll get a quote out to you. 


P.s. Thanks Nate! 

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Outlaw Chassis out of Montello Wi built a Champcar cage for the Dead Pedal Racing team last season.   They have been building top level cages and race cars for over 30 years, Larry or Kenny are the guys to talk to!  


N3968 10th Dr
Montello, Wisconsin
Get Directions
Call (608) 369-3992
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