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Be the only one! 1990 Audi V8 Quattro!

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So you either want to get into this whole grassroots endurance road racing thing, or all-ready are currently involved  but are not satisfied with your current whip?  Well we have decided to part with our big Audi V8 Quattro.  We have not run her in two years and most likely won't as we continue "working on" our TT and another E30.  Nothing quite like the sound of the big(wish) V8 thundering down the back straight and if it ever rains, you will be a man among boys as your competitors slide and wriggle trying to get grip. Car comes complete with everything one needs to get started: the ONE and ONLY new OEM engine was purchased 4 years ago and the car probably has less that 20 race hours on it since, 22 gallon fuel cell and swirl pot and enough A/N hoses and fittings to make your local refinery jealous.  We have done a great deal of "R&D" on finding what will break with this car, as such, it now has brakes that will last an endurance race and tires that will as well.  Belts and window net are 2015, has all of the safety gear ready to roll.  We have acquired 3 of these cars over the years, two of the 76 manual transmission cars brought to the US.  We have many spare body panels, a spare transmission and two sets of wheels and tires with zero run time on them.  WIth the new engine, fuel cell, cage etc, we probably have over 10k in the car in parts alone. If you are an Audi fan/mechanic and know how to convert this thing to a mega squirt/AEM aftermarket ignition, I am sure there is a great deal of power left on the table.  


All this for the low-low price of $4500!  


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Ok, sorry to derail this thread again, but I'll admit to having a pretty serious man crush on this car! (As a driver of a V8 manual Audi Wagon it only seems natural though!). I will be super jealous of whoever buys this thing!


This serves very little value to the sale of this particular car except to show potential buyers how bad donkey it is:



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