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Dyno/Tune Between RVA and WGI

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Heading up to the WGI event tomorrow from RVA with our Miata - we haven't been able to get dyno time with our new engine and were wondering if there were anywhere in the WGI area (or even on the way) that would be recommended for a quick tune, either on Thursday or the Friday morning if near the track. I know Little Speed Shop offers this in Rochester but as that's 90 minutes each way it would be tough.


Any/all recommendations gratefully received.

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Most in the WGI area are near Rochester NY that iam aware. Some maybe a little closer then the little speed shop but not a lot. Coming from Va there is a few I am aware of but specilize in subrau stuff. MachV in northern Va and IAG in maryland.  I am sure there are some in PA along the way.

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Yeah, our initial appointment was with Flim Flam yesterday but a faulty TPS nixed that. Currently we think there's a more fundamental issue with the ECU so we need to address that first - probably just rely upon the MS3 autotune for the weekend. 


Thanks for all the suggestions.

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