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SOLD- 1988 RX7 Team Sellout

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$1500 takes it all.  No trades. Will not part anything out. Will deliver or meet within 2 hours of Raleigh NC.


Our team took two big hits- our car hit the wall at Charlotte, and we have lost our main mechanic and resident expert on all things rotary.  So we have decided to sell out all we have.


Car is a 1988 RX7, non turbo.  Current tech sticker and 470ish points. Weighs 2250lbs

13B is strong, was rebuilt spring of 2018 with Pineapple Racing seals.  Has four races on it. (~70 hours). Always ran with premix and oil levels checked religiously.

Aluminum radiator with ducting through hood.

Transmission is used, but no scratches or noises

Rear diff is LSD, great shape

Front suspension is KYB Adjustable w/ Eibach Springs, new top hats, SPC camber bolts. New oem hubs. Energy Suspension bushings.

Rear suspension is Bilstein B6's w/ Eibach Springs.  Racing beat center adjustable camber link, and Mazdatrix right/left camber links, so rear camber can be adjusted individually. All bushings are spherical from Parts Shop Max.

Brakes are Hawk blue in front, Bosch in back.  Pads and rotors are still in good shape as we only ran a few hours on them.

Tires are Toyo R1R, 3 are in good shape.  One was cut during impact

All wiring has been gone through- no butt splices, everything soldered, fused, relays, correct wire gauges. 

New o2 sensor, injectors, injector harnesses, coolant hoses, plug wires

Electric 6 port conversion was done, but disabled during Charlotte race.  Air pump, and MSD RPM switch are still there if you want to restore this.

Fuel system is wired with quick connect for fuel pump.  All vents are located behind metal.  Car will run 2 hour stints easily. All hoses are new, and heat shield near engine. Fuel lines under car are protected by heavy sheet metal.

Cage is very well made, lots of extra gussets.  Ultrashield seat has been lowered to fit a 6'2" driver, with 1/8" steel plate attached to b pillar bulkhead, and sandwiched through the floor.  Seat did not move at all during the impact.

Window net is 2018 date

Harness is 3" with 2" shoulders, dated Jun 2018.

Fire bottle is Lifeline 10lb w/ four nozzles, two on drive, one on engine and one on fuel tank.

Car is wired with IMSA radio harness, external antenna, PTT. Comes with three radios, headsets, chargers and battery eliminators.

S5 gauge cluster was repinned to show fuel gauge, voltage, rpms and speedo

Digital water temp and analog oil pressure

Mylaps X2 transponder hardwired.  1.5 years left on subscription, will figure out how to transfer...

New battery and alternator installed during Charlotte race while diagnosing a wiring problem.

Impact with wall was concentrated on passenger front corner, bent structure up there, and snapped tie rod.  Minor hit in back passenger side bent the toe link. Windshield is cracked.  Steering wheel is MIA.



Spares included:

NIB radiator

8x Hunsaker fuel jugs

Spare brake calipers and master cylinders


Front hub


Radio stuff and programming software/cables

4x OEM BBS wheels, 2 with sticker Toyo R1R's.

2x cheap cast wheels, one is bent

Fresh rebuilt NA transmission from JOMotorsports

Open rear diff

Lower port actuators



Phone number removed









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Anybody need the drivetrain and wanna split some stuff up?  I don't need the drivetrain or the seat, belts, wheels, and spares.  


Lemme know.  If not, I am probably gonna go check this out and sell off what I don't need.

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Rob, I would have some interest in the belts, radios and in particular the transponder. I have contacts in Greensboro that could possible house you overnight for your trip, or if he is closer to Charlotte you can stay here. If you are doing NCM race we might be able to find a way to drag that thing to NCM.


Another team I know through a friend has a swapped rx7, they may want some of the parts you do not, if you are looking for a way to get some cash out of this. 


PM me and let me know. Glad to see you back at it with the car. 

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