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Racing Video Makers Thread


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So I switched some things up this weekend at Indy:


1) Used the AiM Smarty Cam that is integrated with my AiM dash.  Currently exporting and will upload to YouTube

2) Used the Yi 4k camera for live stream - no SD card in it

3) Used the Gitup G3 camera for a backup recording with a 128 gig SD card in it.  I will upload this one when I get some time, but this is the last one to upload since it was the backup.



All were on RAM mounts with the long extension and all were using the tripod adapters for GoPros.  I think these mounts are a lot better and the POV is pretty much spot on.  Any criticism is welcomed. 


Here is my live stream from Sunday on the Yi 4k which was set at 720p and 30 fps:



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@E. Tyler Pedersen after watching your YouTube post-processed videos I'm impressed with the quality of that Gitup G3 camera in terms of audio quality.  The image quality is nearly or close to a GoPro (good spot metering) but the audio quality is surprisingly good without clipping at high-volume and wind-noise.  If I'm critical it looks a little far forward, I like to see about half of the driver to get a sense of their body language.   


The Yi 4K camera isn't as impressive.  Aside from the steaming ability, which is cool to steam live, but I'm not impressed with the image or audio quality.  


The RAM mounts are super solid.  


What are you using for the post-processing overlay?  Race Renderer?  Did you pay for it?

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