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1990 integra nearly race ready

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Endurance road racing car, not street legal.
B18 is basically stock other than arp headstuds, 11 lb. flywheel, header with 2 1/4 inch exhaust, and cold air intake. Poly motor mounts.
Suspension is H&R race springs, skunk 2 short body shocks, camber adjustable upper a-arms, polyurethane bushings everywhere except rtab. Arp long wheel studs.
Brakes are stock rear, accord v6 front calipers with prelude front rotors redrilled for four lug. 
6 point roll cage, aluminum kirkey seat on adjustable rails with adjustable back stop. Car can accommodate 5 1/2 to 7’ driver. 
Needs routine maintenance, brakes, and tires to be ready to race. Keeping the fire system and transponder but a reasonable deal can be struck if interested. Lots of extras, trans, brakes, suspension, body parts. Lots of dents but no suspension damage.
Competed in 24 hours of lemons, Chumpcar, LuckyDog racing league, and WRL.
12 races finished every race 4 podiums and 1 season championship in classc in LuckyDog in 2016 

located near Salem, Oregon 

Lots of extra parts, extra body parts, all doors hood and trunk lid. Extra short block, two heads, intakes, distributer, ecu, brakes, all suspension parts, axles, etc...

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