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Experienced Driver Looking For VIR24 Seat

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I'm in search for a drive for the VIR 24hrs race. I've already done 6 races in this series with two different teams (Team Sparrow Speed and Lighting Motorsports). I also have previous experience before I started champ car and I am currently active with HPDE events with my WRX. The goal for this race is to be smooth and consistent in order to have a strong finish in my session. I understand that this is a team effort, so I'll be considerate while driving the car so that the next driver will have a turn. Below is a quick resume with all the experience that I have so far. Message if you have any availability. Thank you for reading and hopefully I'll be racing with you guys. Take care.  





*Champ Car

-VIR 24hrs. '18

-AMP '18

-VIR North '18

-Sebring '18

-VIR South '19

-Daytona '19


*HPDE with '13 WRX

-Barber Motorsports Park

-VIR Full Course for Hyper-Fest 


*Formula 2000

-Bridgestone Racing Academy at Mosport, Canada with a Van Diemen 2000

-Skip Barber Racing School at Michigan International Raceway Roval Course with a R/T 2000



-Birel Kart with Yamaha KT-100 engine at Barnesville, GA

-Andretti Indoor Karting Series

-AMP Summer Series 

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