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Big Willow Grand Prix Results


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Awesome Racing out there and a close race for the A Class Cars


Congratulations to Team 37 Roto Plooker and Team 46 Uncommon Friends Racing for their well earned Victories.


And a huge thank you to all the Corner Workers, safety team, and staff at Willow Springs that helped keep our Race safe, fun and running smoothly, and to all you Racers who came out here to make this race.

The Race Results are in!

They can be found online at:


And you can download Lap times and Results from Google at:




Willow Springs Race 1 images





Willow Springs race 2 (Sunday)

Impound Interviews.


Some dusty images from Sunday

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Roto-Plooker Racing Report:


Well that was a long time coming…. we’ve been racing with Chump/ChampCar since 2012 and we finally got our first win. First the disclaimers: 


Yes… it was a small field.

Yes…all the faster cars had to break or have issues or not show up.

Yes…we thought for sure we were going to break too. 


I don’t care; it’s still a win. ‘I’d rather be lucky, then good.’


It’s been almost a year since we made the decision to give the old girl a brain transplant. We now have an OBD2 ECU in the car, plus new injectors, and a rebuilt engine. More horsepower means more heat so killed two transmissions at Thunderhill earlier this year. Added a heat shield around the transmission and that worked. 


The Bridgestone RE71Rs worked great…. for about half a stint and then drivers had to manage them to make two stints on them. The cords started showing on the left front. Well actually the outside third of the tire had cords showing. We sacrificed all the new tires on Saturday to make the win. Thanks to Bill Strong for the picture below. 



Then we couldn’t get the car started on the last pit stop until Mikiel treated it like it was flooded and held the gas pedal to the floor. Then we lost radio contact with Mikiel so couldn’t tell him how many laps he was ahead of Pomona Speed Shop. We will have to devise a ‘sandbag’ button as @SkylerGambrell and @Pee Wee suggested. 


Winning is great… but the second best thing was our team captain Mikiel giving Bill Strong a smooch on the cheek in impound. Nothing to see (thank God) but you can hear it. 



So then there was the BBQ hosted by Bruce Mills (@Voodoo Child) and ChampCar. We had about 40 people show up to eat and bench-race. @Alchemy Autosport showed up in the pre-production Fisker Revero so that was very cool. Joining the Roto-Plookers were members from Pomona Speed Shop, Silver Fern, Gone Bananas, Twisted Sister, Barney and Fiends, and Uncommon Friends. Thanks to @Pee Wee from Pomona Speed Shop for bringing potato salad, beans, and kobe beef - chorizo hamburgers to share. 


For Sunday, all we had for tires were track day take-offs and one good Dunlop Direzza, which we put on the front left. We pretty much decided to have a relaxed day and see how far we could get after burning off our 10 lap winner’s penalty. Well that lasted until the end of our second stint. 


@Jamie went to drive with Uncommon Friends, so he and Mikiel switched stints. The tires were totally shot so we decided to fill the car up with fuel and run it until we ran out of gas so we could set the fuel gauge and warning lights better. Mikiel got in the car and just driving down pit lane he knew something was wrong. Made one lap, came in, and had us check the hubs. Back left was really wobbly and Bill Strong noticed our axle nut was missing…. so ummmm, yeah, we broke the rear axle. 


And that was that for Sunday. Well we did win the B class trophy for Sunday. A great weekend all in all. 



@SkylerGambrell - I think we have as many 3rd place trophies as you guys have seconds. Your day will come if @Pee Wee learns to drive. 


@M.Brane (Driver 1 for both days) passed the Wilwood car which had high sided between turns 3 and 4 and watched the driver spin the rear tires in the air. He had a balcony seat from Turn 5 to see the Honda Fit spinning off the track in Turn 9. It was so dusty it looked like it had been painted that color. 


Many thanks to those who showed up this weekend - @Bandit 82, Christian from Arsenic Racing, Matthias and Stephanie, formerly from Das Idiots, plus a few other friends. We felt the love. 😍


Sure beats working. 

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2 hours ago, SkylerGambrell said:

Small turn out, but still great racing!


The Twisted Sister dudes were rad.... thanks for the saturday morning hangover! That Alpine Brewing Duet was top notch! 


Two 2nds for the weekend... I think that makes our 6th second place trophy in Champcar..... I need to learn how to drive faster!

I just counted them and it's seven.

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30 minutes ago, Pee Wee said:

@SkylerGambrell - I think we have as many 3rd place trophies as you guys have seconds. Your day will come if @Pee Wee learns to drive. 


So I didn't drive on Sunday and we put Irmish in the car and finished how many positions better than Saturday? 


:D Your curse to bear, I suppose...

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39 minutes ago, Pee Wee said:

I'll trade all seven first loser awards for one winner! 



At least yours are all different! Our third place trophies are mostly Aliens and Predators. I'll trade you a third place for a second place... No?

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7 hours ago, Pee Wee said:

I'll trade all seven first loser awards for one winner! 



Hey, I was there for two of those!  I hate that I was not able to come participate in these, but at least I am quite confident my presence would have made zero difference. Well, unless I would have ran into Bruce’s car again and took them out, so I guess there is that. Congrats on the two 2nds again. 

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@Ian Moone here is some pretty boring and poorly aimed in car video from me. 




When I got in we had a 6 lap lead and were nursing engine oil/trans oil/diff oil temps and tires. I some point I just put the car in 4th and didn't shift unless I hit traffic. 




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Actually. Looks like @Voodoo Child has videos from his 280z on sunday posted to youtube and did a much better job at aiming his setup. 




Once again when I got in the car I was taking it very easy because the car had a 5 lap lead and was nursing engine temps. I eventually went to using 4 and 5th only and lifting before the braking zones to aid in preservation of the vehicle. 



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On 6/26/2019 at 2:26 PM, Ian Moone said:

Lets see some in car videos.....................................................................


 Here is a link to a few laps by Troy Ermish in his opening stint on Sunday.  Sonoma is Troy's "home" track, but he has a few laps here at Willow Springs as well <smile> .  In the hot weather on an abrasive track, we asked Troy to drive the car as precisely as possible and not slide it or bury the throttle around the sweepers (eats left front tires).  


Smooth is fast. 




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