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Champ Car VIR 24 Hour Seats Available S2000 and Integra!

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Champ Car VIR 24 Hour Seats Available S2000 and Integra! 


We have a couple seats available for the VIR 24 Hour Race in both our Integra and S2000. We will have a Hotel Room on Pit lane for drivers to cool down/sleep in after their stint, in addition to a garage with AC on pit lane. 


The cars both have AIM Dash/ SmartyCam video data (MXL2 for Integra and MXG for S2000), Cool shirt Systems in both cars to deal with the heat, Halo Seats, Scroth Enduro Belts


The Integra is the Old Beast Mode car that ran Champ a few years ago it has a few wins to its name including the 14 Hours of Road Atlanta and Watkins Glen. 


The S2000 was built this year when the car was lowered to 500 Points. During early testing at Watkins Glen this year the car was able to go 2:15 on Old tires. 


Both cars are very competitive and we are a competitive team. We typically run AER with our Boss 302R Mustangs and do very well. Our last Champ Race was the 24 Hour in 2017, With a Spec 1.6 Miata with 100k mile stock engine (fast lap of 2:28) we were able to WIN our class and Come 20th overall out of 100 cars. You can check our team 


We are doing a 6 Man Rotation in both cars meaning that everyone will get 4 hours of seat time. The cost for the Integra is $1900 for the Seat and for the S2000 please message. If interested feel free to send me a Message or check out our Facebook Page at facebook.com/bbyracing




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