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Body shop recommendation for lower central Michigan


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We took a good hit to the front side of our E36 at WGI and want to explore repairing it rather than starting a new build.  It will require some cutting, welding and a little straightening.  It doesn't need to be pretty, just solid and more or less straight.  Can anyone recommend a body shop on the Jackson Michigan area?



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@cheins - It is a bit of a haul from Jackson, but I have had Premium Truck and Autobody in Clarkston MI recommended to me before form another racer friend for a good place to take race cars.  This guy knows racing and can fix a car to race-car 'specs' (good at 20-20) to save some $, or all the way back up to pristine if desired.




Ask for Curt, let him know that it is a race car. 




This reminds me, I still need to take my car there to get the back end moved back over so the trunk fits right from our crash last Dec.  That shop is one of the better ones in the area, so gets really busy in the winter for insurance work with the large number of A+ drivers around this area.....

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