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Team Jacky Ickx is looking for an experienced driver

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Team Jacky Ickx is looking for a new team member.
This is a unique opportunity because you would be joining a team with 2 cars, where team members actually drive both cars!
I started this team 10 years ago with the GT30, and quickly understood how expensive this “cheap” racing actually is! So, early on we started to split the cost of each race between the 4 of us.
When we added the 935 5 years ago, I applied the same cost splitting method. At first, my plans were to have team A, and team B; but we quickly understood both cars had an equal chance of winning. At first, I was the only one to drive both cars. But after really enjoying being happy after every race because even if one had issues, most races the other one finished strong; I started convincing my teammates to also drive both cars. Then, we started splitting cost for both cars. We became 1 team, 2 cars; pretty much guaranteeing a good race weekend for all of us, and at the very least some seat time! We have all experienced spending a lot of time and money to get to a race, just to witness an early issue, and never have a chance to drive!!!! The fact of splitting cost for both cars makes each race fee more regular.
Our team has had a few wins, several podiums, and most races we will fight for at least a top 10. 
Of course, I would prefer experienced drivers, but for this split cost system to work, I also need these drivers to be able/willing to race 5-6 times per year!
So, I’m looking for drivers who can commit to 5 or 6 of these next races in 2019/2920:
Sebring ~ AMP ~ Sebring.- Road Atlanta - Daytona - Road America 
Depending how quickly you would be ready to join the team, there is still a possibility to race with us at Indianapolis...
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Does the new teammate need to be available to work on the car in the Tampa area on a regular basis, or are you just looking for someone to show up at the race and split cost?  Not asking for myself, but I am curious and I figure that'll be a common question.


I really wish I was looking for a team and/or lived in your general area.  I'd be all over this.  What a great opportunity for someone to join a great Champcar team!

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Good question! It's true, once upon a time every driver on the team had to work on the car...

But now, Mike, who is a professional mechanic takes care of the cars between races. He gets stints for his work!

So, our new team member doesn't have to live around Tampa. Our latest addition Dan lives in Jacksonville; and even Clark (who used to be really hands on with the cars) moved from Clearwater to Georgia!

But at the track, every team member has to do his share!!!

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While entry fees and repair costs can vary from race race, I think over time a team can get a good understanding of the cost per hour of seat time.  Do you have an idea on that cost and also how many drivers on the team with this new member?  Can't tell if you are adding or replacing.

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