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Racebar seats at vir 24

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Here we are again, a lemons team throwing a lemons party and racing in Champcar. We have a few stints available open to almost anyone.


Minimum qualifications to race with us:
1. Show up to the Friday night party, wear the shirt, drink the cool-aide
2. Have a positive attitude
3. Don't wreck the car
4. Pay for your stint.

Nothing else is required! New to racing? No problem! No gear? No problem! Need a ride to vir from Hampton roads? No problem! Need a place to crash? No problem! Your wife doesn't want you to leave the house....that might be a problem.


One or two hour stints available @ $350 per hour which includes almost everything except gear @ $50 for shared rental.


Check out our Facebook page.







Shoot me a text or call if interested!



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If you're interested in the car in which Jim is speaking of above then allow me to introduce the newest addition to Team Racebar, RACEBAR Redrocket.  I'm the owner of the car so If you would like to know more about it feel free to give me a call.  Thanks.








image redacted by Bill Strong

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Man, I really wish I didn't have a kid going into kindergarden....or a wife.  Then maybe I could be eating brisket and drinking beer in the paddock with Racebar guys talking about cool stuff and then maybe getting a stint in.  Good luck this weekend fellas!

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