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E36 coupe Chumpcar/champcar FS; MN. $6k obo

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Throwing this out on the market again as I'm just not using it.  Not in a pressure to sell, but this thing should get used and abused more!

ANYWAYS!       Bought this thing, caged and log-booked, on this forum a few years back to take my father out racing.  Originally a 318is chassis, it has had a few engines previously, but was running a non-vanos M50 while I campaigned it.   I was planning on running the car for this year, and have started preparing, but haven't made any events.  The car runs, drives, scoots, is log-booked, and needs a minimal amount of work to be race-ready!!!  Was running 3:05-3:15 averages at Road America in it's current configuration, take that for what it is.  


Comes with spare trans (2x Getrag boxes)

Can come with M50, or S50, or M42... pick your poison.  S50 can't run in Champcar, but if you want to run WRL, etc. i have that as an option.   I might chuck the S50 in for an HPDE later this month. 
Rear subframe mounts reinforced

Rear control arm pockets reinforced

Fresh bearings all around

Suspension has been all gone through over the last couple seasons and only a few events were run

LSD rear end
Kirkey seat is on a slider for adjustable positions

Electric fan setup works well, drove the car to work in traffic without issue.

Fresh alignment as of last week

Brake pads all practically new.  extra set of rear Hawk blue pads as well. 

Fresh fluids in every system two weeks ago. 

More I'm likely spacing. Was pretty well sorted prior to my ownership, and I've basically just replaced parts as they've broken. 



Needs fire suppression bottle/recharge kit   (was left in cold storage and froze)

Needs new window net to spec

Needs New seat harness after this season I believe 
Rusty underneath, but has been patched and is not structural or near anything that needs movement.
Has a fair amount of body damage.  I comically stitched on a new left rear quarter, and the front is being put back together slowly. 
She Ugly, but it works. 

Windshield has crack on the left lower corner out of line-of-sight. Hasn't been an issue at tech, but it's there. 
Some wiring could be tidied up inside. 

Left mirror is gone, has been beautified by fleetfarm special. 

I can go into more depth and get more photos of whatever is needed for a potential buyer.   I'm going to list it at $6,000 with the intention to be flexible and know that this thing will take the right buyer.   I'm not going to list this on craigslist or really anywhere else, and if I still own this for the remainder of the season, there's a chance I'll be running it in Nebraska. 


Car is in my storage shop south of St. Paul about 20-miles.  Can help arrange delivery within a reasonable distance for fuel/time compensation. 


Title is clean and was just registered so I could put plates on it and drive it to work for some shake-down time.   I've got about 200 road miles on it so far.   The state of MN will probably have the title back to me in a couple months at their rate... but I will be able to supply a bill of sale if the sale happens prior to me receiving the title back from the state. 


Pictures posted are the most recent (as of two weeks ago) and depict the current condition of the body.  I have been working on tracking down a replacement fender, hood, and core support to tidy up the aesthetics, but it's nothing structural at the moment so it's not huge on my priority list. 
Email; pwbmotorsport@gmail.com
Text/call; 612.558.7576








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