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Minimum weight

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4 minutes ago, Kieran Gobey said:

Sorry if this is too rudimentary, but this is my first time reading the rules. Class A, B and C... are there minimum weight/hp rules we should be aware of?


No min weight. Rules on min bodywork (needs to look like a car). 


"Weight" from the oem is used to determine the limits of what engine you can swap in, should you choose to do so. I say "weight", and not weight, because these numbers do not always match a reasonable number for the oem car raced (pages of debate on padded weights for mr2 and e30). 


If you don't motor swap you car, the weight of you car only matters in the rules to set cage tube size, if you race a boat. You will never need to weigh your car to pass or not pass tech, although they may get numbers to research the field to make sure the points are set right to keep the racing closer.

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